Wera Multicolour BlackLaser L-key Set 950 SPKL/9 SM N SB

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9 piece set of Hex keys.

Highest quality round material with profiled Hex Plus® at both ends. Hex Plus® prevents the hexagon socket screws from turning and ensures higher power transmission. BlackLaser surface. The ball head on the long bearing pin also allows fixing with diagonal screws.


  • Hex Plus® output similar to ISO 2936
  • Black Point head 
  • Color differentiation and comfortable sheathing 

Type of the end: Hex key
Material: Tool steel
Material properties: Polished
Screwdriver features  Ball head
Wrench size: 
1.5 x 90 mm 
2.0 x 101 mm
2.5 x 112 mm 
3.0 x 123 mm
4.0 x 137 mm
5.0 x 154 mm
6.0 x 172 mm
8.0 x 195 mm
10.0 x 224 mm

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Type: Tools