Fillamentum Stickers Set 2022

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Catch them all!

Complete Fillamentum Stickers Set 2022. 10 epic awesome stickers for all 3D printing lovers. Created by collaboration with fans 💛

Each year we are bringing 10 new stickers which you can find in each spool packaging or grab them at an event that we are attending.  


Set 2022 is including new legends as:

  • Printing is like an onion...Layers and sometimes you cry
  • Once you print, your mind never stops
  • Idea, Design, Print, Repeat.
  • Melted to perfection
  • Printing is my middle name
  • Once you print, your mind never stops
  • Have you hugged your printer today?
  • Print your world!
  • Nobody puts printer in the corner
  • It ain't cool without spool
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