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Wera Micro Screwdriver 2054 Hex-Plus SW 3.0 x 60 mm

Quality Micro Screwdriver by Wera. The Wera Black Point tip guarantees accuracy. Thanks to high-quality materials, long service life is guaranteed. Integrated soft zones facilitate the transmission of high tightening torques. The convex/concavely shaped cap offers smooth rotation when screwing. The ergonomically correct position of the handle will reduce the risk of hand injuries even with long-term use.


  • Hex Plus® output similar to ISO 2936
  • Black Point head
  • Excellent ergonomics for long-term use
  • Swivel top of the handle (cap)

Area of application (screwdrivers): For electronics and fine mechanics
Wrench size: 3.0 mm
Shaft length: 60 mm
External length: 157 mm
Handle diameter: 13 mm
Handle length: 97 mm
Blade type: Round bit
Material: Tool steel
Material properties: Alloyed
Type of the end: Hex key
Screwdriver features:
Multi-component handle

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