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Dexdo Rubin Nozzle REDX | 0.60 mm + Spool 1.75 mm

This offer combines 1 Dexdo Rubin Nozzle REDX | 0.40 mm + 1 Spool 1.75 mm of composite material of your choice.

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RED-X nozzle is designed for composite materials as our Nylon CF15 Carbon, CPE CF112 Carbon, and Nylon AF80 Aramid. The nozzle resists all common 3D-printing materials up to a hot end temperature of 450 °C.  


  • Extreme resistance to wear
  • Contains artificial ruby with a Mohs Hardness of 9.0
  • Tested for all our materials
  • Do not drop the RED-X and avoid pressure.
  • Do not use temperatures higher than 450°C.
  • Avoid clogging the nozzle due to permanent high temperatures or temperature resistant particles in special filaments.
  • Before printing, make sure the used filament exceeded the glass transition temperature. 
Setting up:
For safety reasons, always wear safety gloves while assemble or dissemble the nozzle or handling with other hot parts of your 3D-Printer. 
Mandatory tools: torque wrench with 7 mm hexagonal socket, 16 mm wrench or adjustable wrench, safety gloves 

To remove the old nozzle, heat up your hot end up to 240 °C and loosen the nozzle with a suitable wrench. Additionally, use a 16 mm or adjustable wrench to secure the Heat Block in place during the process. Cooldown the hot end and completely remove the nozzle. 
Take your RED-X nozzle and screw it in by hand. Make sure there is a proper connection between heat break and the nozzle. Again, heat up your hot end and tighten the nozzle with a torque wrench (7 mm hexagonal socket) with a torque of 1 ~ 1.5 Nm. 
Also, consider information as specified by the manufacturer of your 3D-Printer.

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