Polypropylene PP 2320 "Natural"

PP 2320 is made of commodity plastic polypropylene available as 3D printing filament. Perfect choice for your prototyping and objects for everyday use.


  • Electrical insulator
  • Thermal resistance
  • Low moisture and water absorption
  • Resistant to acids, bases, salts, oils, water, etc.
  • Low density
  • Toughness, hardness, stiffness
  • High tensile strength over competing for polypropylene strings with greater elongation
  • Safe for food contact applications
  • Recyclable, non-toxic
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0,07 mm
Working temperature: 225 - 245 °C
Heated pad: 90 - 105 °C
Weight: 600 g of filament (+ 230 g spool)
Pantone: N/A



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