PLA Crystal Clear

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Fillamentum PLA Crystal Clear is material for a high printing quality even in tricky details with excellent lamination. Thanks to its optical properties, objects printed from this filament have high clarity and gloss.

Main features:

  • Easy to print (suitable for beginners)
  • Enhanced heat resistance
  • Easily annealed for improved properties
  • Increased chemical, mechanical, and temperature resistance
  • Safe for food contact applications
  • AMS-compatible

RAL Color: N/A

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Product information

  • Working temperature: 210–230 °C
  • Heated bed: 50–60 °C
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm 
  • Weight:
    750 g of filament (+ 230 g spool)
    2.5 kg of filament (+ 590 g spool)
  • Conditions of annealing:
    80 °C for 2 hours
    100 °C for 1 hour
  • The length of the filament:
    255 m (1.75 mm,750g)
    97 m (2.85 mm,750 g)

🌟 Key Features

- Good surface quality

- Easy to work with at high print speeds

- User-friendly for both, home and office environments

- Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail

- High surface hardness

- Suitable for room-temperature applications

- After annealing resistant up to 110 °C

- Low odor

- Chemical resistance to oils and greases

- Made of natural ingredients (100% bio-based)

- Biodegradable by industrial composting

- Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment

- Safe for food contact applications

- High clarity and gloss

- Highest transparency in a thin layer

- BPA-free, styrene-free

Customer Reviews

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Bryan French

Very easy to work with and the soft colors are perfect for anyone who doesn't want the bright colors of standard PLA.

oscar fernandez espadas
El filamento se parte.

Se me a partido dos veces en las dos bobinas.