15 m Sample | 1.75 mm | CPE CF112 Carbon

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Carbon-fibers-reinforced CPE HG100 filament was developed for its pressure resistance, hardness, and surface effect. The contained fibers ensure functionality, great printability, dimensional stability, and layer adhesion. The printed objects have a nice smooth surface.

This material is optimal for applications with long-term loads. It has higher wear resistance, heat distortion temperature, hardness, and chemical resistance in comparison with CPE HG100.


  • High-technical durable long-life material
  • Good interlayer adhesion
  • Creep resistance (resistance against deformation under long-term load)
  • Matte finish
  • Wear resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 100 °C
  • High hardness
  • Chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, alcohols
  • Easy printing
  • Low warping
  • Recyclable
  • 25% Bio-based
  • BPA-free & styrene-free
  • Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment


    Working temperature: 255–275 °C
    Heated bed: 70–85 °C
    Diameter: 1.75 mm
    Diameter tolerance:  +/- 0.10 mm
    The length of the filament: 15 m
     Available Spool variants:



    Comparison of our copolyester filaments:

      CPE CF112 Carbon CPE HG100  PETG   PETG filaments*
    Impact resistance 106 kJ/m2
    no break
    85 J/m
    98–126 J/m
    Tensile strength 52 MPa 48 MPa  50 MPa  26–45 MPa 
    Elongation at break 8 % 150 % 120 %  58–110 % 
    Hardness 94 R-Scale 115 R-Scale  105 R-Scale  108 R-Scale 
    Flexural strength / 71 MPa 71 MPa 54–74 MPa 
    Flexural modulus 1860 MPa 2150 MPa  1600–2100 MPa 
    Wear resistance ★★★★ ★★ ★  ★ 
    Creep resistance ★★★★  ★★ ★ 
    Heat resistance
    up to 100 °C 80 °C  70 °C  70 °C 
    Chemical resistance to acids, bases,
    good good  poor  poor 

    *publicly accessible information from other producers


    The input material was carefully selected to achieve the best processability and final properties. Fillamentum’s products are always produced from the precisely specified type of material, with the highest stability across all the batches. The customers can rely on the best quality at any time they use our filament.


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