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15 m Sample | 1.75 mm | Timberfill®

Timberfill® is a material with a high quality of printing and excellent lamination. Made of natural ingredients, can be biodegraded by industrial composting.

Timberfill® is a composite filament filled with natural fibers isolated from spruce. The material exhibits similar mechanical features as PLA. Models printed with this material have a genuine appearance and temporary smell of wood.


  • Aesthetically appealing wood finish
  • Aromatic and pleasant smelling during the printing process and short after
  • Can be easily post-processed using standard sandpaper
  • Possible to stain after printing
  • Very low tendency to warp or shrink
  • Can be printed well at high speeds
  • Rigid, not easily bendable
  • Low brittleness in bulk object
  • Not abrasive
  • Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment


          Working temperature: 165–185 °C
          Heated bed: 40–55 °C
          Diameter: 1.75 mm
          Diameter tolerance:  +/- 0.10 mm
          The length of the filament: 15 m
           Available Spool variants:



          Comparison of our biodegradable filaments:

            PLA Extrafill PLA Crystal Clear Timberfill® NonOilen®
          Polymer base polylactic acid polylactic acid mixture of biopolymers filled with 15 % of natural fibers polylactic acid and polyhydroxy butyrate blend
          Mechanical properties stiff stiff brittle tough
          Biodegradability industrial composter (months) industrial composter (months) industrial composter (months) industrial composter, electric composter (90 days)

          Temperature resistance
          without/after annealing

          55 / 80 °C  55 / 110 °C  55 / 80°C  110 / 110 °C
          Optical properties yellowish, transparent clear, transparent wood-like, nontranslucent yellowish, nontranslucent
          Moisture sensitive ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★
          Safe for food contact applications yes yes no yes
          Recyclability Recyclable usually with loss of mechanical properties Recyclable usually with loss of mechanical properties Not recyclable Recyclable, many times without loss of properties


          The input material was carefully selected to achieve the best processability and final properties. Fillamentum’s products are always produced from the precisely specified type of material, with the highest stability across all the batches. The customers can rely on the best quality at any time they use our filament.


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